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Business Multimedia
Time is money - especially for sucessful business people. So you'll be glad to know the BRABUS Business Concept for the Mercedes M-Class let's you move our office to the great outdoors.

   BRABUS integrates a fully functional and comfortable office with the latest communication technology into the rear compartment of the SUV. Magnificently worked BRABUS mastik leather creates a luxurious atmosphere.

   Electrically operated precious-wood tables can be integrated in the backrests of the front seats as can a fax machine. The tabletops can be tilted to any angle and offer plenty of space for files or for the wireless keyboard of BRABUS computer system, available as an IBM-compatible or with Apple Mac technology.

   High-tech phone systems connect your mobile office to the outside world. For internet access, the system uses the latest wireless internet technologies at speeds several times faster than ISDN.

   Additionally or alternatively you can equip your M-Class with BRABUS multimedia components. The list of products ranges from a DVD player to a game console. The 16:9 monitors in the back of the headrests can be complemented by an electrically deployed 12-inch TFT display stylish into the headliner.

   Dolby Digital sound with a sound system custom-adapted to the M-Class turns the SUV into an off-road concert hall.

   Engisoft can find the perfect solution for you.
ML-CLASS W163 Business Multimedia

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